Warning: Plant's sap can harm skin in sunlight - WCVB Boston

Vermont's Wellness Department offers put out the warning about the wild parsnip, the widespread roadside plant that can cause severe skin reactions to always be able to individuals subjected to its sap within sunlight.


The department says get inside touch with using the sap creates a chemical burn. The Particular sap will be exposed when the plant can be cut or even knocked down. Reactions commence concerning 24 in order to 48 hrs following contact with just about all the sap and sunlight and also includes redness, uses up much like second-degree sunburns, painful rashes along with raised blisters.


The department says the plant can be a member of the particular carrot family reaching heights involving two in order to 4 feet along with leaves that resemble celery leaves as well as yellow flowers that look just like Queen Anne's Lace.


People that get sap on his or her skin should wash it along with soap along with water and http://plantthink.com protect skin from sunlight with regard to a minimal of 48 hours.

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